Women and cats: soul mates

For March 8th I decided to celebrate the bond that unites the cat and the woman, soul mates also according to scientific studies, we complete ourselves with our feline and often live in perfect symbiosis.

As a symbol, I use poetry > taken from the booklet “Gattinversi” by Jennifer Coe and Flavio Guenzi, which combines small poems dedicated (obviously) to cats with poetic designs.

A study, done at the Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition, put black on paper what we cat lovers know perfectly well: our cat loves us deeply because we are females.

The cat does not only look for food but real contact, cats also love men but the bond with women is “more special”.

The proof was given by this research, which observed 41 cats and their humans for a few months, revealing that the personality of the cats and the people they live with influences each other, the house cat is really attached to us and does not “tolerate” our presence just to get food and shelter in the same way as many people who have never lived with the cat.

The symbiosis that is created between the cat and the person he lives with is similar to that of mothers and children, with a sort of secret code that makes us understand each other our desires for pampering and affectionate attention.

In short, we understand each other as if we were of the same species and we are a true family.

This happens both with men and women, but with us, women felines are more likely to come closer and get closer, they jump more willingly in our arms to establish contact and our relationship becomes deeper because we too gladly reciprocate, right?

The study has also discovered that kittens have an excellent memory and remember those who cuddle them and are kind and are more likely to give the same affection to people who show that they love them and the positive interaction between us always makes them grow plus our bond.

An ancient Latin proverb reads precisely “The cat sits where the woman was sitting” and even the famous ethologist Desmond Morris has a very precise opinion on the relationship between women and cats: according to the ethologist, the cat finds the female voice more pleasant and similar. compared to that of men, because there is an affinity of timbre with the meows that are acute. He also mentions the custom according to which kitty often turns around if he is called a woman, the mind remains indifferent to the call of a man.

Women and cats have also often been associated in history, from goddesses Bastet and Freya, to the cat-witch combination of the dark period of the Middle Ages,

The Egyptian goddess Bastet was represented with the body of a woman and the head of a cat, while the Nordic goddess of fertility, Freya, is portrayed transported on a cart by two or four tabby cats.

To conclude, I would say that the aphorism of science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) is perfect:

Women and cats will do what they want and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.

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