Why the cat wakes me up at dawn and how to make it stop

You should know that if your cat were outdoors to get food, he wouldn’t think of hunting in full daylight when the sun is high, he wouldn’t even go in the middle of the night.

According to him the best moments are when the sun sets and when it rises in the morning, that is, at dusk and in fact it is also called “twilight animal”.

This means that even if he lives at home with you, and he has no need to hunt for mice, he has a biological clock that tells him that those are the right moments to get up and start working, even just to play or look for attention from you.

For this reason, in the evening, before and after dinner, it is a wonderful time to be together with a cat to play.

Unfortunately, the rising of the sun often coincides with our last hours of sleep and therefore the hyperactivity of the house cat in those moments can become a great nuisance!

Making it stop is not a matter of a minute, for him, it is an instinct and will need gentle and respectful training to change habits at least in part.

But let’s move on to the practical part, here’s all you need to do and, above all, what you don’t have to do to avoid reinforcing the behavior of waking up and messing too early in the morning.

Obviously, the sooner you start and the easier it will be to have results.


  1. Never give him food when he wakes up too early.

I know, it seems the recommendation that the old Chinese makes in the movie Gremlins, only instead of midnight here we talk about dawn!

If in desperation and in order to calm him you get up and give him food he will calm down, the problem is that the food strengthens the behavior of the morning at dawn, he understands very well that if he starts doing the devil again tomorrow he will have other food and then it will be impossible to rest after a certain time.

  1. Don’t scold him or, worse, punish him.

There is no point in scolding him, his behavior is innate and therefore your negative reactions will only serve to make him lose faith in you.

  1. Do not give in to your complaints and do not give them attention and caresses at this time.

As for point 1, if you give him caresses and attention, he will still want the next morning and all the following ones. The pampering is fantastic but this is not the right time.

Hold on, you will easily make up some even in the days to come but, if you follow all the rules to dissuade him, one day you will realize that he has understood …


  1. Establish a close relationship with him, even letting him sleep on the bed.

The closer and more symbiotic your relationship is and the more your rhythms synchronize, the cat will learn your schedule and will struggle less to adapt.

Some people recommend closing the cat outside the door but I don’t agree, how can you know what your routines are if you shut it out?

And did you ever hear how annoying the sound of nails on the door is?

  1. Play with him in the evening, tire him out and leave him satisfied with the “evening hunt”.

Since the other topical moment for the cat hunt is in the evening, take advantage of this moment in which you are surely at home to play with him, tire him out a bit after all day dozing and leave him well satisfied.

In the morning he will be more inclined to let you sleep.

  1. Move the most abundant metal in the evening, before bedtime, and then leave a few crunchies for the night.

The full stomach does not make you want to compare all over the house, takes advantage of the moment before bedtime (yours!) To offer your cat the most substantial meal of the day, plus leave them some croquettes in the bowl for any late-night snacks or early risers.

In this way, if he wakes you up because he is hungry at 5 am, he will no longer need to do it because he already finds porridge in the bowl.

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