What are the diseases that the cat can transmit to us humans Part 2

Your domestic cat cannot take it, it can instead take it from another cat (or another pet) a cat that leaves the house or it can have a kitten that you take home for the first time.

In reality, there had been a boom in these fungal infections some twenty years ago, but in recent times I have never seen them again.

Another thing that the cat can transmit to us is the intestinal worms called ASCARIDI, even in this case do not panic, to avoid the problem just carry out annual worming and, obviously, avoid putting your hands in your mouth after changing the litter.

We continue this list with the CAT- SCRATCH ILLNESS or BARTONELLOSIS, transmitted by the cat’s scratch or bite, especially if it is a puppy (but also by the cat’s fleas that act as vectors).

This disease generally does not give symptoms but in some cases, it can give a papule at the site of the bite or scratch and then fever and swollen lymph nodes.

Treated with symptomatic drugs, antibiotics are usually used only in an immunosuppressed person who may have more important symptoms.

I conclude this list with external parasites like PULCI and ZECCHE and other types of mites (for example mites that cause mange).

It is important to disinfect the cat as soon as it enters the family and then if it comes out, and it can run in infested environments, repeat the treatment from spring until autumn every year, if instead it is only at home and does not come into contact with other animals (for example if the cat is at home but the dog comes out the infestation may come anyway) check however that there are no problems in this sense.

An IMPORTANT thing that I want to remember is to never use pesticides for dogs on cats, some safe active ingredients for the dog are poisonous for the cat and can even bring it to death, so watch out for the right pesticides for every four-legged member of the family …

If by chance you find micro-punctures on your ankles, which itch a lot but are barely visible, and you don’t understand where they come from, check carefully because you could have a domestic infestation carried by fleas.

Those beasts don’t just stay on the cat but, if you don’t know it, they spread in the environment and hide in the carpets and blankets at the bottom of the bed and then they sting a lot just on feet and ankles.

Do not panic, first of all, buy a pesticide immediately for a cat, then use a spray to disinfect the house. You can use a classic one to spray at the riskiest points or you can use the automatic dispensing can that disinfect the house in a few hours.

It is called Bayer Solfac Plus Automatic Casa Antipulci for the Home , to solve the problem you simply need to close all the windows, place it in the center of the room (it works for rooms up to 50 square meters or so) that you want to disinfect, operate and exit while staying out for about 4 hours leaving the environment tightly closed.

On the way back the fleas will be exterminated and you will have to aerate the house well to eliminate the pesticide from the environment.

Obviously, when you apply the spray can and exit, remember that you have to take your pets with you and the room must remain empty.

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