Let’s go on vacation: how do I do with the cat?

The time of the vacation, even the moment when we program the coveted holidays, is always beautiful, if there are pets in the family but it can also become a moment of anxiety, to understand how to organize themselves to the fullest.

In reality it is not difficult, just keep in mind that the cat (in general) does not like the news, there are cats who like to go around with their humans but they are quite rare, so in general, it is better whenever possible avoid taking it with you or taking it into retirement.

If the holiday is less than a week, the cat can sit quietly at home with few precautions:

  1. Organize the water supply well.

Exactly as we cats cannot survive without water, so this is the most important supply that you need to prepare, you need a large bowl, one that cannot be overturned.

If it is winter, a nice large full bowl will suffice, if it is summer and very hot it is likely that the water will evaporate a little so it is better to put two equal bowls.

In addition, place another container in the sink or in the bidet and leave the faucet open by letting a very thin stream of water flow into the container, so for every eventuality, the cat will always have fresh water.

  1. Organize the food supply.

Cats are less sensitive to food shortages than lack of water, but food should be organized as well as possible.

The ideal is to give wet food before departure and immediately to return, this because you know that the cat hates advanced wet food, so even if you leave it in the bowls it would not eat it anyway.

So for the days of absence, it leaves dry croquettes that are not perishable and guarantee the necessary food.

  1. Organize hygiene boxes.

Even for dirtying it will need more hygienic boxes, the ideal is to prepare one for every day that you will stay out.

If you are afraid that it could dirty even outside the litter boxes, you should put old newspapers, or toilet towels, on the floor.

  1. Look for a trusted person who can go and check it at least once during your absence.

If the holiday lasts for 5-7 days and you have a trusted person who can go and check and pamper the cat ask for help, if you have plants at the same time, you can also water them.

If the holiday is longer and longer than 7 days you have three options:

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