Let’s go on vacation: how do I do with the cat? Part 2

  1. Leave it at home and assign a trusted person to check it out and cuddle it at least every other day.

This is always the best solution, in the house, the cat has all the things it knows, there are no dangers or stress.

But you need someone to check, cuddle, prepare food and water and change the toilet. He must be a trusted person, even better if he already knows your kitten.

  1. Bring it with you and get organized.

If your kitten is not already well used to following you, you have a problem, every cat far from the family environment is easily frightened and there is a great risk that it also escapes the control of those who know well.

It is not the case to leave the house with the cat in its arms or in an emergency container.

If your cat gets scared you will hardly be able to hold it back and a scared cat on the run hides as much as it can, the further risk is that you will never be able to find it again.

So you have to organize yourself with a pet carrier (or a bigger cage) with the safety lock.

as rule cats do not get dirty during travel, but if the journey is long you should buy a larger cage and prepare a not very big toilet to put inside.

If the journey is by car you can make the cat stretch, getting it out of the carrier or from the cage, only if the doors and windows are tightly closed.

Traveling by plane, if the cat is put in the hold, they are not sure so my advice is to give up taking it with you if you can do without it.

When you arrive at your destination do not leave the cat free to go out in the gardens and balconies if you are not absolutely sure that it is used to it. Leave it free in a single room for at least the first few days (even the bathroom properly equipped with bedding and well-spaced bowls is fine) and always be very careful if you decide to leave it access to all the accommodation and, even more, on the outside.

  1. Take him to a pension that you checked in advance.

Retirement, if it is well managed, can be a good alternative but unfortunately for cats, it is always a trauma, small or large depends on the habits and the character of your cat.

However, you must be sure that the pension is serious and “trustworthy”, the best way to understand it is to visit it at an unsuspected time, inspecting the premises where the animals are kept, talking to the owners and looking after the kittens.

Another useful system is to search among friends and acquaintances who already know that structure and has used it, so you can have your impressions told.

If you don’t know anyone who has left the cat in that pension you can watch their social channels, read many reviews and use Facebook to search for those who know them.

When you have checked that everything is in the order you can book the stay.

Prepare any medicines, a supply of your cat’s favorite food and document any special dietary needs, any covers or toys that may make him feel less alone. Add a card with all the useful numbers for emergencies, you’re obviously, that of your trusted veterinarian and, if possible, also that of some friend or relative who remains in the area and who can go and check in person in case of problems.

Now all I can do is wish you a happy holiday.

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