If I adopt a kitten better male or female?

If you are thinking of adopting a kitten remember that it is a friendship for life so choose well, having said that I tell you that you are a lucky person.

Having a cat in the family is a fantastic experience and whether you are at the first kitten or the tenth you will see how much your life will be enriched thanks to the pile of fur that makes ronf ronf crouched on you.

You will also learn many things, surely more than many will learn from you, animals always improve us.

Now I bet you have the doubt: better male or female?

Especially if it is your first experience it is a legitimate question.

My answer is that in the cat the differences between male and female in character are minimal, or rather, depend on the character of each individual.

Instead, as far as the logistics are concerned, there are a few small differences, so I’m going to explain to you by word and by sign what it means to adopt a male or female kitten.

The male, especially if he is at home, must always be sterilized before sexual maturity. This is because having reached maturity the males (not all but the majority) have the instinct to mark the territory with small splashes of extremely odorous urine and it is easy to do so even in their home.

Since the smell of this particular pee is very strong and persistent it is unthinkable to be able to live with it.

Early sterilization also eliminates the stress of the mating period, when if the cat hears a female in heat at a distance of one kilometer, she becomes mad and tries to flee to go and “woo her” and makes him calmer. Instead, it has no negative implication either on the physical or on the psychology.

Do you think that cats castrated after sexual maturity can easily have relations with females, one of my cats did it even after sterilization until I also sterilized the female with whom he lived?

The positive note is that the sterilization of the male cat is less expensive, less invasive and faster (even in the convalescence, which is practically non-existent) of the corresponding surgical operation of the female.

As for the character, the male cats are affectionate as and more than the females, differences depend only and exclusively on the personal character, on the past and on possible breed characteristics if you adopt a cat with a pedigree, but do not depend on sex.

The female does not differ much, goes into heat on average 2-3 times a year for a period ranging from about 4 to 15 days, but does not present menstruation with bleeding as in the dog, it simply becomes more affectionate and sticky and meows at I can no longer, with a characteristic particularly high-pitched meow, calling any males, that is, she calls them anyway even if they are not there.

The first heat occurs around 6-7 months and veterinarians recommend sterilizing immediately before, but each case must be evaluated by the attending physician.

These periods of heat are great stress for the body, especially if they do not result in a pregnancy, in some cases they may even become more frequent for this reason.

The golden rule is to always sterilize the kittens, both those that live at home and those that can go out, the first to avoid stress on the body and possible uterine infections and tumors.

Females who can leave home with sterilization solve the same problems mentioned above and in addition: they risk less being infected by diseases, even serious ones, from other male cats and avoid going home with so many puppies in their stomachs.

So the answer to the initial question is to choose the kitten you prefer, be it male or female, the important thing is that you are aware that it is a living being with its own needs and the right to be loved and looked after for life, is a great commitment but also a great joy.

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