How to teach the cat to love water and tolerate the bathroom

Against every known custom, think that there are cats who love water and really love it, some are of specific breeds that have an affinity with this element, others are very simple cats of all types who have learned to love it and not fear it as puppies.

The aquatic breeds are nine or ten, the first is that of the Turkish Van cat which is also called “swimmer cat”, then others follow including Abyssinian, Manx, Turkish Angora, Bengal, Maine Coon, Bobtail, Norwegian Forest Cat, Savannah.

My “Black Cat” (I wrote it uppercase because it was called just like that), the beloved companion of when I was younger, had no noble relatives like the ones I mentioned above but loved water.

As he had learned to love her I don’t know, we became friends thanks to an ENPA banquet when he was already 5-6 months old and I don’t know what his life had been before.

But I know that if love for water is not an innate thing if you want to teach your cat not to fear it you have to make sure that it has positive experiences with the liquid within 5-6 months, the ideal is to start let them see and experience it for 3 months.

Do it with patience and with grace and chances are good that

If your kitty is already an adult and has exceeded six months you can try anyway but it is likely that he will make you understand immediately that the water is not really in his ropes, in that case, does he do the same?

  1. Use the moment of the game together to bring it closer to the water

Get together with the cat in a room, sitting on the floor, with a basin or tub with room temperature or slightly warm water and try to play with your hands or toys (the waterproof ones) you use with a cat.

If possible use the bathroom as an aquatic playroom, so you can also open the bidet faucet and play around there so that the cat will discover the water naturally and become curious.

  1. Try to wet it so that it looks like a game

Always within a moment of play you can use the warm water of the first tank to try to wet it, calmly and speaking to it softly let it slide a little bit of water on the hair, let the water come down slowly from your hands without using the direct jet of faucet or shower, avoids head and snout and looks at the effect it makes.

If it is quiet you can still try another point while still playing.

  1. At the end of each water game session, offer him a delicious morsel and dry it with a microfibre cloth.

If it is winter, keep it closed in the bathroom until it has dried (you will see that it will start making itself a complete toilet), if it is summer and hot it can come out even if it is still damp, the hair will dry quickly.

Continue to play with him and with the water, be constant and you’ll see that there is a good chance he’ll learn to consider water an element not only normal but also fun and from there to take a bath is a short step.

In any case, remember that cats do not need to be washed except in exceptional cases, thus limiting the actual bathroom as much as possible and, for less aggressive detergents, be advised by your veterinarian.

If you have a pool in the garden, or you live very close to the sea, what you see in the video below may happen, look at how wonderful this kitten is, he even loves the ocean!

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