How to prepare for the arrival of a kitten at home

The first time I adopted a kitten of my own was when I went to study at university, far from home I decided that that would be the right time to look for a kitten.

I searched the newspapers for free ads and instead of finding a kitten I found two little brothers, a boy, and a girl, practically inseparable and so my first kitten was them: Micina and Gatto Grosso.

Welcoming a puppy is an indescribable emotion, that soft wad is of disarming beauty and it seems that nothing can go wrong, but the adoption of an animal is always a choice to be carefully evaluated and after the decision is made one must prepare to face also practical issues in time.

The first question to be addressed is that of the Bisignani, it takes a plastic litter box, the sandbox and a quiet place to place it.

The litter box can be closed or open, the one closed by more privacy to the cat and prevents the sandbox from being spread around, the open one is easier to use but the risk of unpleasant odor in is higher.

The sandbox is agglomerating, non-agglomerating, perfumed or not perfumed and of various materials, there are also some types of natural and ecological material (barley fibers, corn fibers, paper fibers, etc.) that can be disposed of in the cabinet, this is a useful feature to avoid having to carry the bags of dirty sand to the dumpster.

After having thought of the Bisignani, we need to think about food.

Also, in this case, it takes two bowls, one for the water that must always be available fresh, one for the food and to avoid disasters the ideal is to place them on a plastic placemat, there are also trays made of washable plastic with the two bowls that fit together, so they don’t move and if something falls out the tray contains it and prevents the floor from getting dirty.

For baby food, follow the instructions of the veterinarian, absolutely avoid cow’s milk, the ideal is to use a type of croquettes or bites specifically designed for puppies.

The little one will need to be able to explore the house, so you have to get rid of everything that can be dangerous: insecticides, poisonous plants, sharp objects, electrical cables insight, open windows and eye also to balconies and terraces, better to keep the windows and the doors are well closed, at least until it is set and he understands that this is his new home.

To make him understand quickly that your house is also his prepare you a comfortable kennel and put it in a secluded spot.

For the first few days, nothing else is needed, but later on, you can think about toys and scratching posts but the only things that should never be missing from the pad are company and cuddling.

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