How can I tell if my cat is happy?

For us humans, happiness does not have a single face, there are many ways “to” and “to” be happy.

For a cat it is no different, he too can be happy in many ways and in many different moments between them and, for the cat, happiness can also be expressed in physical well-being, a beautiful coat and an optimal muscle tone are one of the faces of happiness.

Even if a cat can be happy, relaxed and confident even in times of discomfort.

I told you in the post All the curiosity about the purring of cats, in fact, the kittens can make the melted sound even if they are hurt showing that they trust the one who looks after them and takes care of them, isn’t this happiness too?

All the curiosity about cats’ purring

Your cat sleeping blissfully on the bed, in complete relaxation, shows you that it is happy and relaxes perfectly.

As soon as you enter the room with a shopping bag your kitty is curious, jumps in, explores all the news and follows you everywhere to see what you do?

Do you rub on yourself and on the furniture?

A curious and serene cat is a happy cat.

Here’s another demonstration that looks good and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and with anyone else, it’s happy to be there with you.

One of the moments that most clearly demonstrates your cat’s happiness is the game together, playing brings him back as a puppy even though he is now an old man and so he pours happiness and fun from every pore.

If he is not in the habit of playing with him or she starts doing it, from the simplest ball of foil to the feather hanging on a string, play together and experiment to find the game he loves, not all cats are the same and maybe there it will take some time to find the right game, but everyone loves to play.

If Puss is with you and the rest of the human and animal family, he follows you and loves to feel, even physically and with contact, which means he is happy, but if you isolate yourself then something is wrong.

It can be a problem of physical health, a problem of anxiety or fear, in any case, a cat that isolates itself from the rest of the family shows that it is NOT happy. In this case, it is good practice to immediately hear the veterinarian and possibly, in the absence of physical problems, even a behaviorist.

Every habit, like every change in habits, of the house cat, is important to understand if it is happy.

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