Famous and unforgettable cats, do you know them all?

I would like to specify that this article is for:

  1. Cat lovers
  2. For those who post only funny videos and photos on their FB wall
  3. For everyone.

Who will undertake this reading, will be able to go back over the years and remember some emotions of childhood that he had removed until today…

Before writing this post, I must be honest, I had to honestly document myself!

Because, to answer the question, as soon as I was asked, it turned out to be very difficult.

Instead, after 5 seconds, all the images re-emerged in my goals.

Starring in films, cartoons and now with the advent of social media, even there…

The first cats I remember appeared in the twentieth century. Their maximum expression was represented in cartoons. Just because they had more empathy with children.


Who doesn’t remember Tom and Jerry!

It was shown around dinner time, before the news.

Tom, try to catch Jerry, a clever little mouse who always manages to escape.

The story always had a happy ending and we children were always happy.

The cat with the boots.

Proud, bold and clever that if necessary he opened his eyes wide. They became so big that anyone could be moved.

There is also the older feline of the mouse.

This is Felix the Cat.

It was later changed to a colored version with Garfield.

A red cat, with a sedentary life and a sarcastic mood.

Do you remember Il micio con la zeppola?

But yes, you know who he is … Sylvester!

Silvestro and Titti, the yellow canary so loved by granny.

Even there Silvestro, desperately tried, in every single episode, to capture the canary, but without success!

They were the protagonists of funny cartoons, which helped us to smile and accompany us in dreams.

As always, even the queen of cartoons, Disney wanted to pay homage to cats.

The most crowded carton of cats is, of course, the Aristocats.

I especially liked Romeo, the cat from the Colosseum.

A tabby cat with red fur, with a Roman accent, which helps mother cat and her aristocratic kittens to survive on the street.

Hello Kitty

Cat with a red bow above the left ear and without a mouth. Born in 1976, in ’83 it was even a UNICEF ambassador.

Many American celebrities brought her success.

Designed for girls today, it has a vast merchandising that covers different types of products for girls, girls, and women of all ages.

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