Famous and unforgettable cats, do you know them all? Part 2


Cats, unlike dogs, are less tameable, so it is more difficult to include them in films.

However, this has not discouraged some directors.

Indeed, in some films, the cat became the protagonist, so much so as to blur the scenes to the real actors.

Cagliostro is the Siamese cat from the comedy film “A witch in paradise”.

Able to perform magical rituals and which will turn out to be the embodiment of a witch ancestor.

Walt Disney has not even spared himself with cats in the flesh, the famous movie “FBI cat operation”, a marvelous comedy of the Sixties (if you have children look at it together).

In which the cat is the absolute protagonist along with his human and an FBI agent allergic to his fur, together they foil a robbery and a kidnapping, but the credit is all of the wonderful Giam cats that go around the city and gets pampered from anyone who comes within reach.

Cats are co-stars of all kinds of movies, along with old-fashioned Siamese cats with reddish fur appear very often: from the red cat Jonesy, from the USCSS officer Ellen Ripley in Alien who was able to survive, Tonto of “Harry and Tonto” very particular film on the road, General Sterling Price, is the cat (red) of John Wayne in The grit, red is also the cat that lives with Holly / Audrey Hepburn of the unforgettable Breakfast at Tiffany’s .

I couldn’t even mention the most sensual and seductive cat in the world!

Catwoman (the cat woman) comes from the comics and arrives at the cinema and TV series dedicated to the substitute Batman.

Sensual and athletic.

Masked from a cat, with a tight black costume.

Despite her figure, she appeared strong and hard, every day she fought with the fragile part of herself.

With the cinema I could go on for hours, I stop here citing only two other feline exponents.

If you saw the movie, maybe you didn’t notice the name of the cat saved by Will Smith in I Robot, his name is ASIMOV and it’s a touch of absolute style, don’t you think?

Even the cats that appeared in the Harry Potter novels and films did not receive the proper attention from the spectators, I remember two, Mrs. Purr, the cat of Gazza, and Grattastinchi the cat of Hermione, but there are many more, if not you remember maybe it’s time to go back and read all the movies.


In this period where social media are an integral part of our days I could not but investigate the most famous kitten, the one with the most followers.

The feline in question is @iamlilbub with 2.1mil followers.

It’s called Bub.

Famous on the web as an author, presenter, and founder of a fund for needy and disabled animals.

Since birth, he has had to face many difficulties

because of his deformities, he has longer limbs than others, his teeth are struggling to grow.

BUB is a polydactyl puppy, it has extra fingers, on all four legs.

He loves traveling by taxi, on the subway or on his master’s shoulders.

Her Instagram profile is full of photos that portray her at times of the day.

There is real e-commerce where you can buy:

  • sweaters,
  • pendants,
  • cups,
  • stuffed toys,
  • the image.

How things change!

Before we were content to see them on TV and we let our stories caress our imagination.

Today, all this seems just a memory.

Which of these cats do you prefer?

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