Cat character: study on the personality of the home cat

If you have had cats you will have noticed that everyone has their own personality with very specific and often opposite characteristics to those of other kittens.

Even in the same litter, there are different personalities between them, often two brothers are as different as day and night, just like us men, like dogs and all other animals, the cat does not make sense and we often love it precisely because of his individuality and personal “oddities”.

Despite this completely true assumption, research has been published conducted by Dr. Lauren Finka, lecturer and researcher at the University of Lincoln, England, which brings all feline personalities to 5 main macro-categories.

The research was not very extensive, it analyzed only 200 cats with the help of their owners, but it is interesting to find out what came out.

If you want to find out which category your kitten is part of, keep reading, here are the characteristics of each of the five personalities discovered by this English scholar:

  1. The curious cat

The research says that the “curious cat” is really curious, lively and playful. It sneaks everywhere, it is always active and precisely because of these character traits it risks putting itself easily in danger.

Normally cats do not like changes in their environment, for example moving is always a difficult time for the home cat, but the “curious cat” almost always accepts them willingly.

  1. The cat that loves cats

Also, in this case, the name is not put at random, the “cat that loves cats” loves to be with its own kind.

Many cats are solitary and do not feel the need for a companion, but he is not, he is sociable with other kittens and is neither aggressive nor frightened when he meets others and cohabits very happily with a small tribe.

  1. The human-cat

The human-cat is the one who loves being with us and hates to be alone!

They also love the strangers who come into the house and are gladly caressed by all the humans and with the family people they are very sticky, they can’t wait to come and sleep on their lap.

  1. The hunter cat

The hunter cat does not tend to get lazy but loves to hunt even if he does not have to get food, he is active and if he does not have a garden to hunt he does the same, he hunts every ray of sunshine even inside the house.

If he can really hurt, he will bring you prey as gifts: lizards, little birds, etc. etc.

  1. The irascible cat

The irascible cat does not like cuddling if he does not decide, he quickly gets tired and even if he loves you very much he does not tolerate intrusions into his personal freedom!

If you force it the risk is to take a nice scratch or a bite when he decides he can’t take it anymore and wants to stay quiet.

He is rather nervous and reacts badly to changes in routine or in his environment.

How to educate a cat that destroys everything!

Apparently these 5 personalities seem very different from each other and the research might suggest that every cat embodies one, in reality, if you know the feline world a little you know that the 5 basic personalities, all 5, often do belong to every cat, which sometimes behaves just like a doctor. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

But even if every cat has all 5 of the features we talked about in general, it also has its own unique characteristics that even if you loved 10 thousand cats, you will always remember it because it is absolutely unique and knows how to make itself loved. equally unique.

That’s the beauty, it’s because of the multi-faceted personality that we love them, right?

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