All the ways in which the cat shows that it loves you and trusts you

Every cat learns to communicate with the human who lives in a special way when the relationship is tight both we and they develop a sort of special language, we begin to understand each other with a special look or meow.

But there are also gestures that all the cats do to make us understand how much they love us and that they totally trust us, they are many but we are not always aware of it because we have a different “code” of communication and we risk to let the cuddles and the signs escape us of affection that they make us several times a day. We need a sort of vocabulary, they don’t because they observe us much more than we do and they understand everything. In the relationship with the cat, we are the ones who are a bit stubborn!

To decrypt the behavior of our cat, here is the list with all the most typical ways in which he shows his love:

  1. He looks at you and closes his eyes slowly

This slight and sweet gesture can go unnoticed but is equivalent to a tender kiss, it is a demonstration of extreme trust, if you change it, your kitten will still do it and you will become more and more complicit.

  1. He follows you everywhere

Love and trust are also expressed in this way if your kitty follows you and is sitting close to you in silence when you stop, it means that he loves you, in fact, even children with mothers do it, they follow them everywhere, even in the bathroom.

  1. Waits for you behind the door when you come back

The cat hears every noise and recognizes all those of his home and surroundings, including that of your steps or the engine of your car, for him they are all unmistakable noises even if there are other three thousand cars around or a crowd walking, if just he hears you trotting towards the door and then you find him back there ready to meow and rub as soon as you enter, this is also love.

  1. He has a special meow for you

Usually, cats do not meow with one another, but with us, they are often talkers, perhaps also because they always hear us talk, men never shut up and even your cat dialogues with you, but only because it loves you!

  1. It purrs

Purring is a special gesture, it means so many things but above all “I love you I trust you”.

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  1. Knead it

He kneads you as he did with his mother, everyone loves his mother madly, he too, and if he reserves you such a gesture, the only reason is unconditional love.

  1. It rubs and gives you the heads

It leaves you its smell (with the glands on your chin) and takes some of yours if it does not love this…

  1. Stares at you intensely

Cats look for eye contact with you only if they love you, you know that you love them too.

  1. He touches you with his paw

If it touches you slowly with the velvety paw, it wants you very well and wants contact with you.

  1. Endure your kisses and hugs

Cats hate being stuck and forced into kisses and hugs if you bear them without being annoyed when you do it means that you love deeply.

  1. Licks you

Cats only lick the other members of their pack, the ones they love most if your kitty does it to you the message is that you’re one of the family.

  1. It comes between your feet as you walk and makes you stumble

There and then it makes us angry this behavior but it is connected to follow you everywhere if you do not love you to madness would stay to sleep on the pillow.

  1. Brings you gifts at home

Mice, insects, lizards, if you bring them inside and you sow them in the places where you love to sit know that you really love it, but so much eh!

  1. It bites you

Even light clamps are basins, it does it only because it loves you and wants to have contact with you.

  1. Show you the belly

The belly is the most vulnerable point he has, if he shows it to you quietly it means that his trust in you is maximum, he loves you and he knows that you love him too and you would never hurt him.

  1. When you call him and talk to him he answers me by mewing

Remember that cats hardly meow with each other? These chats are only for you and for him, with much love.

  1. Jumps into your arms (even in the least opportune moments)

As soon as you sit down, it jumps into your arms, sometimes even if you’re standing!

  1. He gives you his back when you yell at him

He doesn’t look at you not because he is offended but to tell you that he doesn’t want to fight with you, he loves you and wants to ease the tension between you without challenging you by looking you in the eyes.

  1. Head to head or nose to nose with you

These are also kisses of love, a bit like the Eskimos do.

  1. Approaches you with the “question mark” queue

He loves you and this is an affectionate greeting.

  1. If you don’t wake up and don’t follow your usual routine, come looking for you

Are you OK? Why don’t you get up? The cat in love comes to look for you in the room and meows until you get up, even if it’s Sunday!

  1. He is jealous of what catches your attention (first of all the computer!)

Like all lovers, he would like your attention all to himself, when the computer kidnaps you he lies down on it and goodbye …

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