5 ways to show your cat that you love it

One of the first blog posts I had dedicated to all the ways (and they are many) in which the cat shows us how much he loves us.

To balance the subject it seems to be the case to write a second one, all dedicated to how we can prove to the cat that we love it.

The closer our relationship with the cat is, the easier and more beautiful it is to live together.

Making it happy is easy, I assure you, just think of the things that are important to him, such as the cleanliness of the environment in which he lives, and what he hates: for example the constraints or, worse, aggressive behavior, the lack of stimuli and attention.

In the end, it’s the same things that make you happy and make us humans feel loved, neither more nor less, so it’s easy to translate them into practical actions:

1. Keep litter, bowls, and kennels clean

you know that the cat loves to be perfectly clean and provides for the cleaning of the hair independently. Unfortunately at home, he can’t keep the everyday objects clean and here, make him happy, and you always keep them perfectly clean.

But avoid aggressive detergents and intrusive odors, the faintest smell of cats cannot stand them and the risk is that they stop using the tray which for him smells too much of chemical compounds.

2. Cut out some cuddling time each day

Cuddling is one of the simplest and most effective ways to make your relationship ever closer and to develop an unshakable trust in one another.

It is easier to make your relationship grow if the daily pampering starts since the cat is small, but also a lot of cuddling to an adult cat, adopted to the cattery or by a family that can no longer keep it, can work miracles, I assure you.

I have the habit of massaging and caressing my cats everywhere, with extreme delicacy, even when they sleep, in this way they naturally get used to being touched even in the points that they consider more delicate and that usually are not approachable, like the belly or the paws behind.

They know that my caresses are always pleasant even in those vulnerable points, they trust me and when they happen to have to do some unloved practice, like cutting nails or administering a medicine trust me and it’s easy for me to do it without constraints and without making my slice.

When it happens they are not happy, of course, but it is clear that they trust me and know that whatever they do is for their own good, it seems strange but it is really so.

3. Cut out some time to play every day

Boredom and lack of stimulation, just like for us, are terrible and make your kitty unhappy.

At home many stimuli do not exist, there are no birds or lizards to hunt, there are no insects or leaves that move and on which they can try to jump.

You have to replace yourself with the missing stimuli by playing pussy with feathers, threads, and various toys.

Cut out some time each day to play together.

4. do not force it when you have to do something with it (nail cutting, brushing, transport, etc.)

If there is one thing that every cat hates it is to be forced and held by force.

Avoid this practice as much as you can.

5. Observe it and note any small changes that may indicate pain or anxiety

Always keeping an eye on your health, both physical and psychological, is one of the things you can do to show him that you love him.

Notice any disturbing changes promptly, report it to the vet and solve it will make your relationship long and wonderful.

Beware of hair changes, if it becomes dull and stringy it is a symptom not to be underestimated, check that you regularly use the cassette, cystitis, and kidney blockages are a serious symptom and should be reported immediately to the veterinarian.

If it becomes inappetence, drooling, dirty out of the litter box or sleeping more than usual, these are also symptoms that there is something wrong.

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