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In the course of dealing with thousands of animals over the years, both for clients and our own animal children, we have discovered products we feel work very well for their intended use. All the products we recommend are quality products that we have experienced to be of benefit in supporting the wellbeing of animals. 

  People and Pet Drug Discount Card.  15 - 55% discount pet and uninsured human medicines.  The card never expires and is accepted at over 85% of all pharmacies in the USA.  Over 50% of drugs prescribed by your vet are actually human drugs and you can fill these at your local pharmacy.  You can either print it free at or send a self-addressed stamped envelop with your request to:  
Animal Radio Drug Card
699 Paula Street
Morro Bay, CA.  93442.

Twistep - best way to provide a step up into your vehicle for your canine companion - for information click here.

Blood Stop - controls bleeding instantly - great for trimming nails or any wound - for information click here.

FurEver Brite Glow in the Dark Safety Collar - brightly glows in the dark so you can see your dog, cat or horse inside or outside - for information click here.

PetHub ID Tags - ID tag is scannable by any smartphone - for information click here.

 For suggestions about other products we recommend, please contact Joy by phone 253-853-7800 or email

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