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Hot Spot Remedy

This is a really great remedy for hot spots for your dogs.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar on the hot spot.  If it is raw and open, use a solution of 50/50 Apple Cider vinegar and water and spray it on the hot spot.

From Dr. Oz

Pond Pumps

Pond pumps are a great way to keep your horse trough from freezing.  They use much less electricity than the traditional water tank heater.  The constantly moving water keeps my horse trough (100 gallons) from freezing even at temperatures in the single digits. 

Is Your Dog, Horse, Cat, etc. Afraid of Fireworks?!

I just found something that may be able to help all those wonderful kids who are terrified of fireworks!  Since I haven't used it to this point, I don't know by experience that it works - but holisitic vet Dr. Joyce Harman says it does.

One is a homeopathic remedy called Aconite, used for fear or terror of sudden things, especially noises. Give your animal about 1-8 (depending on size - horses 6-8) of the little pellets in a little food or a treat. The first dose can be given in the late afternoon, then give another dose later in the evening just before the fireworks. You can give another dose or two through the evening if you need to; it is very safe. Once the noise has stopped there is no need to continue.

Aconite may not stop every animal from being afraid, but it should settle most of them down at least to a manageable and safe level. Some will be very quiet and relaxed about the commotion.

Next is Rescue Remedy. There are different brand names, but if you ask for Rescue Remedy, this is a Bach Flower, which is a group of remedies for various emotional states. Rescue Remedy is for any stressful situation. Put about 1-10 drops of the liquid into your animal's mouth or into his water.

I would put 10 drops in the water source at the beginning of the day and refresh it with another 10 drops if you fill up the water again. Close to the time the fireworks start, you can give a squirt (about 1-10 drops) directly into your animal's mouth or put it on a treat. You can also dilute it in some water and squirt it into his mouth. Repeat the doses 3-4 times during the evening if you need to, or just be sure he has access to his water.

Most local health food stores and some markets will have these items for calming animals who may be frightened by fireworks.  Use one as they are both energy remedies.

Thundershirt works for some animals and can be purchased in many pet stores or online.

Thunderstorms flower essence is also effective for some animals and can be purchased online from

I hope these help you and your companions.


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