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DIETS What we eat we become, or so it has been said. There are many opinions about what type of diet works best. My experience has shown me that there is no one answer that's right for everyone.

Raw Food Diet is my personal choice only because I feel it's good to eat domestically as similarly to the specie's natural diet as possible. This type of diet can be a challenge for some humans. See References for a list of books which describe natural diets. There are also a growing number of prepared raw food diets that can be purchased from your local holistic pet care stores like All The Best in the Seattle area.

Prepared Food Diet is my alternative choice because I feel variety keeps things interesting. Prepared foods range from cooked human-type food to canned pet foods to dry pet foods and any combination. There are also quite a growing number of diets in this range that are holistically prepared with higher quality foods and no chemicals.

MY PERSONAL CHOICE  -  I feed my dogs and cats primarily a raw diet because it seems to provide some of the best quality of life. I also intersperse some cooked human foods with the occasional dry kibble (as treats, actually) and biscuits.

My dogs seem to really love crunchy vegetables like carrots and broccoli and I provide those as treats. I provide my dogs and cats raw meat (ground or chopped into bite size pieces), any raw vegetable (except onions and onion family as these are toxic to animals), BioPreparation, any fruit they like (and what animals like may surprise you - no seeds or pits please as some of these are also toxic) and raw bones (I prefer chicken necks, backs and wings and lamb bones and beef rib and knuckle bones -  yes raw chicken bones won't splinter, so I've been told by a wide variety of "professionals", and have experienced good digestibility myself).

Horses - I provide a combination of free choice hays which include orchard grass and timothy with a small percentage of alfalfa for mineral balance and local grass hay, fresh vegetables and fruits and sometimes a very small amount of grain with BioPreparation, free choice plain salt and mineralized salt, and 2 types of Dynamite minerals.  In case you are new to free choice things for horses - it means those things are provided all the time so that there is always some available when the horses want them.  This is the latest and greatest way of feeding horses as it is the closest to their natural habit of grazing small amounts all the time even over night.

This information is provided strictly as my personal experience and is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified veterinarian. Consult a holistic vet in your area if you are uncomfortable in making these types of choices yourself.

FLEX LEADS - I have experienced this type of lead to be of great benefit for a number of reasons. It allows pets greater freedom of movement, thus providing them more exercise and more pleasure. It is an excellent transitional tool to go from training on a six foot lead to off lead training. When used for this purpose, the extra length allows your pet to have a greater opportunity to respond to your voice direction and still gives you a failsafe in case they don't. This same training technique works for dogs and cats.

TOOTH CARE FOR DOGS AND CATS - Oral Care by Teddy's Pride is a powder you can sprinkle on their food.  I have seen it clean teeth that have had noticable tartar to where they look white again.


Tellington Ttouch - Linda Tellington Jones

Lyons on Horses - John Lyons

New Choices in Natural Healing for Dogs & Cats - Amy Shojai

The First Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats - Amy Shojai

Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care - CJ Puotinen

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats - Richard Pitcairn

Reigning Cats and Dogs - Pat McKay

The Complete Herbal Handbook for The Dog and Cat - Juliette deBairacli Levy

The Nature of Animal Healing - Martin Goldstein (I recommend this book for everyone)

The Ultimate Guide to Pampering Your Horse - June Evers

Pat Parelli's Savvy System - Pat Parelli (Video & pocketbooks)

Natural Horse-Man-Ship - Pat Parelli

It's for The Animals!Natural Care & Resources - Helen McKinnon

Beyond Obedience - April Frost

Cats Naturally - Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Dogs Never Lie About Love - Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Four Paws Five Directions: A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs - Cheryl Schwartz

Give Your Dog a Bone - Ian Billinghurst

Herbal Remedies for Dogs and Cats - Mary Wulff-Tilford and Greg Tilford

The Holistic Veterinary Handbook - William Winter

Keep Your Pet Healthy the Natural Way - Pat Lazarus

Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing - Allen Schoen

Natural Insect Repellents for Pets, People and Plants - Janette Granger and Connie M oore

Pet Allergies: Remedies for an Epidemic - Alfred Plechner and Martin Zucker

A Primer to Herbs for Animals - Gregory Tilford and Mary Wulff-Tilford

Vibrational Medicine - Richard Gerber

Who Killed the Darline Buds of May? - Catherine O'Driscoll

Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks, but People Do - Matthias Rath

The Courage to Grieve - Judy Tatelbaum

Pet Loss: A Thoughtful Guide for Adults & Children

Questions and Answers on Death and Dying - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Heal Thyself by Edward Bach T

he Twelve Healers by Edward Bach

The Bach Remedies Repertory - F.J. Wheeler

Cats: Homeopathic Remedies - George Macleod

Dogs: Homeopathic Remedies - George Macleod

A Veterinary Materia Medica and Clinical Repertory with a Materia Medica of The Nosodes - George Macleod

Vacationing with Your Pet - Eileen Barish


Books Joy Has Reviewed on the Radio

Dog Parenting - How to Have an Outrageiously Happy, Well-Adjusted Canine by Andrea Rains Waggener

Pup Parenting by Lynn Lott and Jane Nelsen

Idiot's Guide to Getting and Owning a Dog by Sheila Webster Boneham

Dog Health and Nutrition by Margaret Bonham and James Wingert

Puppies by M. A. Gorman

Dog Grooming for Dummies by Margaret Bonham

The Dog Bible by Tracie Hotchner

Train Yourself Visually Dog Training by Sarah Hodgson

Idiot's Guide to Getting and Owning a Cat by Sheila Webster Boneham


HOLISTIC VETS The following were recommended by their clients. Many of the homeopathic vets do consultations over the phone and do not have to physically see the animal.

If you contact any of the referenced resources, please tell them you found them on and were referred by Joy Turner. Thank you.

Dr. Jenifer Preston - my personal vet 360-264-2270. She can diagnose animals any where so it is not necessary to be in Yelm area.

Dr. Jackie Obando - MercyVet, Mercer Island, WA 206-232-7667

Linda Tellington-Jones - TTouch for all animals. 800-797-PETS

Dr. Ihor Basko - Hawaii 808-828-1330

Dr. Edward Beltran - Blair Animal Hospital, Canada 613-746-2443

Dr. Rachel Blackmer - Inigo Quill Healing Arts, Colorado 303-838-7698 Dr. B. Dee Blanco - New Mexico 505-986-3434

Dr. Christina B. Chambreau - Maryland 410-771-4968

Dr. W. Jean Dodds - Hemopet - California 310-828-4804 or 949-252-8455 Hemopet/Pet Lifeline is a nonprofit national blood bank program that includes a pet adoption program for canine donors.

Dr. John Fudens - Affinity Holistic Clinic, FL 813-446-3603

Dr. Maria Glinski - CARE Center, Aiken, SC 29803 803-649-4965

Dr. Martin Goldstein - Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, NY 914-533-6066

Dr. Robert Goldstein - Northern Skies Animal Co., CT 203-222-0260

Dr. Don Hamilton - New Mexico 575-666-2091

Dr. Joyce Harman - Virginia 540-675-1855

Dr. Ken Harshman - Montana 406-357-2936

Dr. Mark Haverkos - The Village Vet, IN 812-934-2410

Dr. Kimberly Henneman - Utah 801-647-0807

Dr. Greig Howie - Delaware 302-734-8425

Dr. Jeffrey Judkins - Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic, OR 503-233-4280

Dr. Randy Kidd - Missouri 816-561-9011

Dr. Jordan Kocen - SouthPaws Veterinary Referral Center, VA 703-569-0300

Dr. Jeffrey Levy - Massachusetts 413-268-3000

Dr. Charles Loops - North Carolina 919-542-0442

Dr. Debra Mack - A Natural Choice Mobile Veterinary Clinic, ID 208-939-4800

Dr. Deborah Mallu - Holistic Veterinary Care, AZ 520-282-5651

Dr. David McCluggage - Chaparral Animal Health Center, CO 303-702-1986

Dr. Paul McCutcheon - Canada 416-757-3569

Dr. Deborah Mitchell - Knollwood Hospital for Pets, IL 847-891-8944

Dr. Robert Mueller - Fair Chance Farm, NJ 732-780-2202

Dr. Mark Newkirk - Margate Animal Hospital & Alternative Care Center, NJ 609-823-3031

Dr. Jeannie Olson - North Pole, Alaska 907-488-2906

Dr. Richard Pitcairn - Natural Animal Health Center, OR 541-342-7665

Dr. William Pollak - Fairfield Animal Hospital, IA 515-472-6983 or 888-402-3-9142

Dr. Pedro Luis Rivera - The Healing Oasis Veterinary Hospital, WI 414-886-1100

Dr. Charles Schenck - VCA Edgebrook Veterinary Hospital, NJ 732-257-8882

Dr. Allen Schoen - Connecticut 860-354-2287

Dr. Cheryl Schwartz - San Drancisco Veterinary Specialists, CA 415-387-6844

Dr. Diane Simmons - Nebraska 402-593-6556

Dr. Joanne Stefanatos - Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital, NV 702-735-7184

Dr. Carvel Tiekert - Maryland 410-569-7777

Dr. Stephen Tobin - Your Traveling Vet, CT 203-238-9863

Dr. Bob Ulbrich - Holistic Pet Vet Clinic, OR 503-293-6666

Dr. Madalyn Ward, Texas. Homeopathy for horses only. (We call her for our horses) 512-288-0428

Dr. Betsy Harrison, Texas. Homeopathy for small animals. 888-535-9423

Dr. Neal Weiner - Lewiston Animal Clinic, CA 530-788-3109

Dr. Sharon Willoughby - Illinois 309-523-3995

Dr. Arthur Young - Florida 561-287-2242


Associations for Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine

American Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights 707-451-1391

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) 410-569-0795

American Veterinary Chiropractic Association 309-658-2920

American Veterinary Dental Society 208-344-0194

International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) 303-682-1167


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