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Other Interesting Information

Pet Friendly Hotels

More and more hotel chains are not only accepting pets but also rolling out the red carpet. Pet-friendly properties range from Econo Lodge to Ritz-Carlton. Best Western has more than 1,900 pet-friendly hotels; Choice Hotels, which operates 11 major brands including Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, and MainStay Suites, has more than 2,500.

here's the link:
Consumer Reports presents the following questions to ask in advance to determine if the hotel is indeed pet friendly:

Does this location accept pets?

Even chains that profess to be pet-friendly might not welcome pets at every hotel. Individual properties set their own policies.

Are there breed restrictions?

Some hotels have rules against certain breeds, no matter how lovable your particular pooch. Hotels need to take into account the feelings of guests who are easily frightened.

Are there size limits?

Some hotels turn away big dogs. A Hampton Inn we contacted in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., set a 25-pound weight limit; one in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., allowed pets of up to 80 pounds. If you call in advance, explain your situation, and describe your dog's temperament, operators might be willing to waive the restriction, Sims says.

Must I prove my pet was vaccinated?

Homewood Suites in Baltimore, for instance, requires documentation that your dog is up-to-date on all shots.

How much supervision is necessary?

Some hotels won't allow pets to be left alone in a room; others mandate that your pet be crated when you leave. Owners might have to be present when any member of the hotel staff is servicing the room.

What about amenities?

Besides bowls, pillows, and treats, some hotels offer walking service, sitting, kenneling, or in-house pet massage for an additional fee. And some are near walking trails.


The company of animals and GoodBye Odor simplies pet-parenting

There's no rulebook on pet-parenting, and finding what works for you and your furry companion can be difficult. The Company of Animals and Marshall Pet Products' daily ambition, however, is to simplify pet-parenting. 

Leave the dog days of pet-parenting behind. Enhance your pet-owner relationship with 8 simple doggie tricks from Dr. Mugford, internationally renowned Animals Psychologist and owner of The Company of Animals,  and enjoy the company of your animals.

And while you're at it, combat that "litter odor" and/or "dog smell" and make every snuggle more enjoyable. Marshall Pet Products introduces new, specially formulated GoodBye Odor for Cats and GoodBye Odor for Dogs. Originally known as Bi-Odor, this brand has been successfully used with ferrets and other small animals for nearly a decade. Made with natural plant derivatives, used by herbalists and nutritionalists for centuries, GoodBye Odor safely and naturally works with the digestive system to reduce pet odors.


Fashion for Cats and Dogs?

Feline are aching for Fashion and have stolen the thunder from the Dogs!
The proof is in the picture:
Not just for Dogs after all ... we love both 4 sure. Sebastion, the kitty, looks truly divine in that stained glass pattern.

We are excited to have Charlotte Tarantola for Dogs in stores as far and wide as Japan, Australia, the US and online at our site

Here is a link to our entire Charlotte Tarantola for Dogs Look Book.


Power Paws for your Dog

Why would a dog need socks? Woodrow Wear™ – creator of Power Paws™,
premium canine socks with soft, non-slip treads – and their customers are asking, “Why wouldn’t a dog need socks?”
Originally developed for dogs with hip dysplasia in mind, Power Paws have become the answer to everything from
doggie allergies to injured paws.

As dogs age, their movement may become restricted by aching bones. A pair of
Power Paws on your dog’s back paws may be enough to gain the traction and
confidence he needs to walk on slippery floors. Hardwood, tile and linoleum are
no longer a threat – no matter the size or breed of your pooch. Socks are available
in eight sizes to assure a proper fit for all dogs from 6-pound Chihuahuas to 240-
pound St. Bernards. Power Paws give dogs with hip dysplasia and arthritis the
power to stand, the power to go and the power to stop. Put some power in your
senior dog’s paws, and make playing a possibility again.

Going outdoors? Protect your pup in “rocky” situations. Worn outside, Power
Paws are just as effective as indoors. Hot pavements, salty sidewalks and rough
terrain are a walk in the park with Power Paws. These multi-purpose socks even
function as an allergen blocker, keeping pollen off your puppy’s paws and
preventing him from bringing the outdoors in. Just spray a few coats of
waterproof protector on the socks, let dry and conquer the outdoors, without
worrying about the wear-and-tear on your dog’s paws. No buckles, belts, or
Velcro® to get in the way – Power Paws’ sleek sock design make dressing and
undressing Fido simple and comfortable.

Even veterinarians are turning to Power Paws as an alternative to large, bulky ecollars.
These soft canine socks are as comfortable as your own, made from ecofriendly
cotton and elastic to conform to paws for an optimal fit. And when worn, most dogs will leave their injured paws
alone, helpful for a speedy recovery. Power Paws give your pet a safer, simpler treatment option.
Pet parents everywhere are choosing Power Paws’ patented design for their dog’s health, safety and happiness. In
addition to making a stylish fashion statement, they provide traction and mobility, even hardwood protection. Power
Paws are currently available in ten designs, including general-purpose and festive holiday patterns. They are easy to care
for and come clean in a washing machine. Each Power Paws package contains two pairs (or four socks) and are available
at a suggested retail price of $19.99. For more information or to find a retailer near you, visit


Brinsea's New Indoor SkratchKabin Gives Cats a Place to Scratch, Play and Hide Away

Brinsea Products Executive Vice President, Pascale Deffieux, is thrilled to announce the stylish new indoor SkratchKabin for fabulous felines to scratch, play and hide away.  
The new SkratchKabin is specially designed with a unique textured exterior for scratching. With feline-shaped ends and three gorgeous colors including Blueberry, Oatmeal and Cocoa Bean, the SkratchKabin complements any décor. The SkratchKabin includes a removable and washable KatKushion, toy hanger and sisal mouse toy and retails for $99.
“Cats will love exercising their natural instinct to scratch with the SkratchKabin,” Deffieux said. “The sleek design looks great in the house and stops cats from damaging the furniture and carpet.”
The original KatKabin is a unique and innovative outdoor cat house that provides comfort, safety and shelter for cats. It is made from high grade materials designed to withstand all weather conditions and temperature extremes. The KatKabin is insulated to provide a warm, dry place for cats and peace of mind for their owners. The KatKabin and SkratchKabin are available for purchase online at




 There are more than 100,000 apps in the iTunes app store, but few that benefit animal rescue. Thanks to the Rescue Cleaners app, you can get a "clean screen" and help animals too! The app features videos of six dogs, two cats, and a ferret (all rescues!) put to work inside your mobile device cleaning your screen with their tongues. Don't worry. No animals were harmed in the making of the videos, and the drool in the videos will not cause any water damage to your phone.

A full 25 percent of the $1.99 app cost will be donated to animal rescue organizations.

Search for Rescue Cleaner in the iTunes app store, or visit for more information.





Lucky Day for iPhone/iPod Touch ($1.99) from Silver Lining Ideas, Inc. has a new app that puts a new spin on the classic Magic 8 Ball concept as Ka Ching the Panda invites you to shake your iPhone and make a wish or ask a question.  Users can also win prizes if they figure out how to enter Ka Ching's secret room.

While Lucky Day may or may not make your wish come true, it will certainly give you better karma because Silver Lining Ideas is donating 25% of revenues to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), which  is mounting an emergency animal relief mission in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  As we all know, the humanitarian relief effort is well under way.  But many animals are also suffering, so IFAW is partnering with WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) to mount a coordinated animal relief response.  The IFAW team will soon deploy to begin treating critically injured animals...vaccinating them against deadly diseases like rabies and leptospirosis and distributing food, water, and basic medical care.

So as you can see, Lucky Day might make your wish come true, or it might just give you a better day, knowing that you have donated a small amount to help better the lives of animals in need.

If you want more information on this new iPhone app, a promo code to check it out for free, artwork, or anything else, please visit: 




Learn more about how to feed a healthy diet, leading to good dental health, with an e-[Russell Louie]Book on Optimum nutrition for dogs and cats by [Russell Louie] Optimum Choices, one of our wonderful sponsors of the radio show. A table stating [Russell Louie] common holistic myths is on their home page:". To learn more [Russell Louie] details about their e-Books and ordering information go to: When you order, please put "Joy Turner sent me" in the Special Instructions box of the[Russell Louie]shopping cart.

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Of Interest


Joy's Associate Communicator, Ashara Morris, has just published her first book! "Let's Find Lucy" is the story of a little barn cat with a big sense of adventure. Follow the antics of her family as they turn house and barn upside down trying to find this playful, "small tawny tabby." For cat lovers of all ages!

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