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Additional source for pet medications - click here

Animal Talk Meetup -

Horse Transportation -

Sources for purchasing books -

Horse trainers, supply catalogs and related information - click here

Exploring the World on Horseback with Darley Newman articles

Dog Trainers - click here

Doggie Day Care in Western Washington - click here

Sources for information and supplies for dogs and cats - click here

Pet Furniture & Beds & Carriers - click here

Artists for Your Pets - click here

For overall animal information


Small animal food source

House Rabbit Information To find a House rabbit society in your area House Rabbit Information

Rabbit Hutches Find rabbit hutches, cages, information and more at the OneStopBunnyShop

Hamster Information   Hamster-Club - All you need to know about Hamsters; The different types of hamsters, their food, breeding, life span, housing and health. Also you will find different interesting articles that will cover many aspects of hamsters, games, products and much more!

Cat Information

Maine Coon Cats The classic Maine Coon is a brown tabby or brown tabby with white, but the breed is available in virtually every hue, with the exception of chocolate and lavender colors, or pointed or ticked tabby patterns.

Cat carriers

Cat Obesity Cat care and kittens, cat obesity info, products for breeders and cat breeding tips.

Pet Loss Grief Support to have Joy talk with your deceased friends

Personal Loss of Pets offers support and coping advice for people who have lost a family member or partner

Poisoning Information

No kill animal sanctuaries & "Adopt a Homeless Pet" - click here

For travelling with your pets - This site is wonderful for a wide variety of information regarding traveling with pets, vets, lodging and a vast array of information.

HOLISTIC VETS - click here

BIODEGRADABLE PET WASTE BAGS for dog and cat waste pickup

HOSPICE and other such related information for older animals Americas #1 pet artist Alyson Whitney offers handcrafted personalized ceramic pet urns, memorial and burial urns for your loved one. Affordable prices and FREE shipping

HELP FOR SENIOR CITIZENS Helps pay adoption fees for seniors to adopt animals in shelters Helps low income senior citizens pay vet bills.


Eagle Pack Pet Foods-Food for Ferrets

MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS Buy a book for a wounded Vet and You save an Injured Pet A collection of exhilarating short tales about phenomenal animals and their human companions from across the country.

Breeder Information - click here


Pet Id Tags - click here


Greeting Cards - click here

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