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Following is the list of currently scheduled events as well as the latest book information. For additional information or to register, Contact Us

Interested in having Joy for your group or gathering:  Joy can provide any of our services for your group/gathering.  Call 360-805-8700 or email for details. 

Joy also works with humans

She speaks with Souls, Spiritual Guides, and Guardian Angels to help you understand things going on in your life from their perspective.  This can help resolve any issues you have in your life, help you on your path to growth, feel more aligned with your Soul, and provide answers to those questions you don't know where to look to find answers. 

This is done through private sessions, seminars, and groups. 

The Art of Becoming is a monthly group which meets either in person or over tele-conference to help participants know why we're here, what Life is about, how to move into alignment with your heart's desires and live the Life you want to live.

 To speak with your Soul, Guides, Angels, or those loved ones who have passed over, contact Joy at 360-805-8700 or fill in the Sessions form on this website.

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