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Dear Friends,
My family has moved to a beautiful home in Monroe, Washington on a little over 5 acres. We are in a house on a little over six acres. There is a magnificent view of the mountains from the back yard.

We are all connected in such wonderful ways, and I appreciate the love and support I feel from you.

My new email address is and my phone number is 360-805-8700.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Animal communication with spiritual medium Joy Turner enhances your relationship with those wonderful animal companions who you share life with. Get your Free brochure.

Discover how animal communication with Joy Turner and your animal partners can change your life and the life of your companions. Joy, using telepathic and empathic communication with your animals lets you know what your companions think and feel about anything you want to talk about. Schedule a session today!  Or take a class to learn how to talk with your animal companions!

  • Learn about animal communication
  • Address behavior, training, health
  • Transitions, medical treatments, choices
  • Discover likes/dislikes, preferences, desires
  • Learn what animals think and feel
  • Get their perspective about anything
  • Understand your animal companions more clearly
  • Develop deeper relationships
  • Learn the Spiritual reason/lesson behind things going on

Logan, Mercury, Joy, Venus, Leanne

Logan, Mercury, Joy, Venus, Leanne

Logan, Mercury, Joy, Venus, Leanne

Benefits and advantages of animal communication for pet therapy 
Using animal communication I facilitate conversations which allow you to hear what your animal companions think and feel about whatever you would like to discuss. By finding the underlying cause, you can better address issues of behavior, training, preferences, perspectives, health and well-being, to name just a few. If you have a thought about it, more than likely, so does the animal(s) who you share life with.

What you will learn
Being a spiritual medium, I have been able to communicate with animals for my whole life.  I explain what animal communication is, how it works and the types of things you can discuss with your companions. This information is vital to provide the best animal/human relationships. I also explain how you can learn to talk with your own pets using animal communication.

Provide your animal companions and yourself the best
So give your companions the greatest opportunity to be understood and develop an even deeper relationship with you through direct communication. To find out what you can do today to talk with your animals, move toward a greater relationship and see related topics, click below.

I am totally delighted to help you talk with your animal companions about anything you want to know about from them.  This work is the fulfullment of my Heart's Desires, and my greatest passion!  I love every moment I spend helping animals and the humans they love!

Schedule your private session, class, gift certificate or seminars by clicking on the appropriate button under FORMS to the left.

Diego, Ala, Joy, Dream Weaver, Tango

Diego, Ala, Joy, Dream Weaver, Tango

Diego, Ala, Joy, Dream Weaver, Tango

Joy is taking calls over Animal Radio

To ask Joy a question on air, call 866-405-8405 any time before 11 AM pacific time any Saturday and we will call you back as soon as she is available.  You can also send in an email to be read on air at, or send a question through Radio.  

Animal Radio is heard on 100 AM/FM radio stations and over XM Satellite Radio XM 166 Saturdays 9-11 AM pacific time, rerun Sundays 2-4 PM pacific time.  To talk with Joy over Animal Radio call 866-405-8405 to schedule.

A podcast is also available at

To see a list of stations broadcasting Animal Radio, go to

Listen on cell phone, mobil phone or regular land line, on line, or podcast.

  • On an AM-FM radio station
    Animal Radio® is on-air via satellite to over 100 AM-FM affiliate radio stations nationwide.
    See what station in your city airs Animal Radio®
  • On XM Satellite Radio
     Animal Radio® is on XM166 Saturdays 12-2pm EST and Sundays 5-7pm EST.
  • Online MP3 Podcast
    Animal Radio® is available for download to your MP3 player or computer.
    Download Animal Radio® MP3
  • On Any Phone
    Animal Radio
    ® is available on your mobile phone or land line. Dial 704-772-7627 and select program #1221. Rates Apply.

If you would like to listen to the latest show while viewing this website, click this link - 


In the Seattle, WA area KIRO has the rights to broadcast the show and is not broadcasting it.  If you would like to have KIRO broadcast Animal Radio, please contact KIRO and tell them so.

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